Monday, November 13, 2006

Post Season Notes...

What they are sayin' ...
Lancerfan07 Registered Member(11/14/06 6:08:58 pm)
Marmonte League
First of all I would like to congratulate the Westlake Warriors for their stunning 10-0 run in the regular season. This was another great competitive year in the Marmonte League, one of the most competitive leagues in SoCal. Who would you guys vote for League MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, and lineman of the year?MVP- Ryan Campbell, great year for the warriors, wait till next year for Scott to get this. Offensive MVP- almost had more rushing yards then the leading passer in the Marmonte, have to give it to Scott Defensive MVP- Tatham (NP) or Debo (RYL)Lineman- Tyrone Duncan (WL) or one of Moorparks o-linemen.

Here are my choices.
QB- Ryan Campbell (WL)QB- Ryan Cloney (TO)WR- Anthony Leonardi (NP)WR- Streck- Woodward (WL)WR- Albert Sheehan (TO)WR- Nick Karam (MP)RB- Darrell Scott (MP)RB- John Lister (TO)RB- Langston Jackson (SV) OL- At least two from moorpark, if not three, Yates (TO) and two agoura linemenTE- Eric Wells (AG)DL- Alex Cohen (CB)DL- Arturo Tamayo (MP)DL- Tryone Duncan (WL)DL- Tyler Smith (MP)DL- Jordan Calloway (RYL)LB- Cameron Flye- (RYL)LB- Chase Calderon (WL)LB- Curtis Paulsen (TO)LB- Zach Trottier (MP)LB- Bradley Wangerin (WL)S- Dakota Holland (MP)S- Scott Luft (TO)CB- Micheal Grimaud (MP)CB- Byron Sells (WL)

Marmonte League Standouts!
WestlakeHomerRegistered Member(11/12/06 10:25:57 am)Reply
OK, you people are probably tired of me bragging on my Warriors and so am I. Lets recognize some of the other top players in our League.

Of course we start with Moorpark's stud running back Darrell Scott. Not only is he a great runner and tough young man but a class act and I am proud to call him a friend of mine.QB's Ryan Cloney from T.O., Colby Cameron of Newbury Park,and Doug Shumway from Agoura are three very good players. They have led their teams all year long and do a great job. Top Receivers Anthony Leonardi from Newbury Park, Thomas McCormick from Royal, and Albert Sheehan from T.O. have been outstanding all year. Moorpark's Offense and Defense have some of the best stats in our League.

Simi Valley is a young and up and coming team and should be very good next year. Let's not forget Taylor Malm from T.O. and his teammate John Lister. Both of these guys are very talented and contribute much to their teams offense. Running backs Langston Jackson from Simi and Marcus Hunt from Royal have also helped their teams immensely and deserve a lot of credit. Sorry, but in other posts I neglected two of Westlake's top players. David Ruelas who plays O and D is one terrific contributor.

Also Junior Curtis Peterson is probably one of the better receivers and his attitude and maturity is a wonderful thing to see. Best of luck to all the above players and also to each and every young man who has busted his butt all Season to perform for all of us on Friday night. Thanks you all for some more great memories and your efforts will never go unnoticed or unappreciated. You guys are great