Sunday, October 28, 2007

Don't Forget about me!

Ventura County Top- 5 Teams

So start your predictions with the top 5 teams from last year: Oxnard, Simi, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park and (I would like to include Camarillo but can't because they did lose everyone) a fifth team, like Westlake, and go from there.
: - Sounds like the Marmonte League will once again be the top league in Ventura County. Simi Valley, Westlake and Thousand Oaks in that order! Here's the Top Four in the County!!
: 1. Simi Valley: 2. Westlake: 3. Oxnard: 4. Thousand Oaks

Re: Marmonte League

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: : : : :: How is the Marmonte League going to shape up?

Simi Valley...Westlake...T.O...Calabasas? Who is going to be the top players?
: : : : That's easy ... it's Westlake and Simi Valley, the rest are playing for third !!!
: : : : As far as the players ... it's Lorne Jackson and Mike Meza, they are the only two first team all-county players returning from last year.
: : : : Of course there are other good players in the league however, these two are the best!
: : : Thousand Oaks and Calabasas may surprise some people, they both beat Westlake in the summer, with westlake bringing its full roster both times...Westlake beat Simi in the summer as well, so it may be closer than you think.
: : :Yes, it most likely will be close as this league is always very tough ... however, in the end it's still Simi Valley and Westlake.
: : And about Westlake beating Simi Valley, that fact is only half true. This wasn't a game, it was a 20 minute running half ... the teams only played one half. So if Westlake and their fans call that a win so be it, they can be the favorite !!!
: Yeah Westlake beat Simi and it was legit. Meza could not do anything and we held Jackson barely scoring, we had a big time lead and broke that press easily. If it was two halves we would have won by even more, so dont deminish a loss
: Winning a half is not legit, it's a half, more like a scrimmage. And since you were there lets be honest, you never had a " Big Time Lead " you lead by seven once and ended up winning the half by three. The fact you've lost to Thousand Oaks and Calabasas this summer tells me all I need to know. Westlake will finish second or third however, you can keep that victory in Santa Barbara as your claim to fame for this season!

: Sounds like a Simi insider to me, Donahue led a Santa Paula team to many Championships after 80 years of being really bad, and now that he has left, they are bad again. Evryone should jump on the Simi bandwagon and ride it to another 3rd place finish, Simi knows that is they try to run with Westlake, they will be embarassed.
: : : simi or westlake? i keep hearin some simi and some westlake..who do you guys think will come on top
: : I'm gonna go with Simi, because I think their coaching staff is a little more cohesive, they have the best point guard in the league, and their style of play is more difficult to prepare for...Coach Aurand has done a great job of adapting Simi's system to their personnel, and I think Coach Donahue is a little more traditional and set in his ways, which makes his team easier to prepare for... On paper the talent is pretty comparable, so this would be the deciding factor.
Simi knows that if they try to run with Westlake, they will be embarassed.
Embarassed, WOW !!! A Third place finish, double Wow !!! I'm sure both Lorne and Mike are really worried about being embarassed by Westlake, please !!! I think it's Westlake that should be worried as I can't recall them even having one all-county player on their team let alone two !!!