Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Kevin Riley 8-for-13, 85 yards, 1 INT, sacked twice, fumbled
Brock Mansion 7-for-9, 83 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, sacked twice
Beau Sweeney 2-for-10, 50 yards, 1 interception
Shane Vereen 5 carries, (-10) yards
Covaughn DeBoskie 6 carries, 10 yards
Peter Geurts 3 carries, 6 yards
Langston Jackson 5 carries, 27 yards
Kevin Lewis 3 carries, 8 yards
Brian Holley 1 carry, 1 yard
Beau Sweeney 2 carries, 9 yards
Alex Lagemann 4 catches, 68 yards, TD
Shane Vereen 2 catches, 18 yards
Jeremy Ross 2 catches, 8 yards
Nyan Boateng 1 catch, 18 yards
Garry Graffort 1 catch, 7 yards
Marvin Jones 1 catch, 5 yards
Spencer Ladner 1 catch, 23 yards

Jackson had the best day of the Cal RBs

Cal Finishes Spring Practice with Successful Scrimmage
Head Coach Jeff Tedford Pleased with Progress Made by the Bears
April 18, 2009
BERKELEY - With both sides of the ball creating their own set of highlights, California completed its spring 2009 practice with a final scrimmage before approximately 2,000 fans in Memorial Stadium Saturday.
Going through a series of situational opportunities, the Bears had sessions in almost all facets of the game - kickoffs, field goals, punting and short yardage, as well as late-game and full-field conditions.
"A lot of learning has gone on," head coach Jeff Tedford said. "That's what spring is all about. I was really encouraged by the attitude and work ethic. I think we are doing just fine."
The first set of plays began with the ball placed on the 30-yard-line, and quarterback Brock Mansion led the Cal offense 70 yards down the field in 11 plays. He capped off the drive with a 1-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Alex Lagemann. Mansion was 5-for-5 for 75 yards on the drive, with three of the completions going to Lagemann for 47 yards. Mansion ended the afternoon 8-for-11 for 90 yards with the one TD and an interception.
Quarterback Kevin Riley was next to go behind center and he completed his first five attempts for 45 yards. He finished the scrimmage going 8-for-13 for 80 yards with long plays of 23 yards to Nyan Boateng and 19 yards to Lagemann.
Quarterback Kevin Sweeney was 4-for-12 for 65 yards with an interception and a TD. The score was a 36-yard toss down the sideline to Jeremy Ross, who caught the ball over his shoulder in the end zone.
"All three will get a lot of opportunities," Tedford said of the quarterbacks. "Once we get to camp, we'll see if they separate themselves."
The running game didn't get untracked against the Cal defense, as only tailback Langston Jackson managed a rush of at least 10 yards when he burst through for a 13-yard gain. He was the day's top runner with 33 yards on six attempts.
Jahvid Best, the leading returning rusher in the country after galloping for 1,580 yards and 15 touchdowns last fall, sat out the spring workouts following elbow and foot surgery in January. He has already begun running and Tedford said he will be ready to go once fall camp begins
Langston Jackson
Simi Valley (Simi Valley HS)

Cal Running Back Notes

● With injuries come opportunities for players to get extra reps in. One of the first things we learned about Langston Jackson when he joined the Cal program was that the running back liked to lower his shoulder and move defenders off his path. The last couple of practice sessions have really held true to that notion as the 6-foot-1, 205-pound ball carrier has recorded some loud "pad popping" hits.

Freshman Langston Jackson is a big bruiser

● Interestingly, Jackson – who was his team's punter at Simi Valley High -- is also a decent receiver coming out of the backfield. Jackson did cause a little bit of a pile up during 11-on-11's however when he was stripped off the ball during a carry down the field.

Day 12 of Spring Ball was marked by strong, cold winds out of the Northwest that appeared to make all drills a bit more challenging than in more benign conditions. The sessions emphasized lots of individual drills as well as partial unit scrimmaging before an unusually short set of situational scrimmaging towards the end of practice
The team also ran extended 8-on-8 rushing drills with the offensive line, quarterback, fullback, and tail back facing off against the front seven on defense plus one safety. When it was the 1st team players facing off against one another, the defense had the upper hand giving up just one sizeable run and forcing a fumble out of Shane Vereen. However, when the 2nd and 3rd team units faced off the offense had the upper hand. Peter Geurts, Langston Jackson and Kevin Lewis were all able to streak through the lines for long gains. Geurts was particularly impressive with back-to-back TD runs. Crowd noise was used for the first time in Spring Ball during hurry up offense scrimmaging in the last 15 minutes of practice. All 3 quarterbacks were given the opportunity to take the team in from the opponents 45-yard line with 45 seconds on the game clock. Both Riley and Sweeney were successful in executing touchdown drives but Mansion had issues managing the clock with too many passes over the middle.
Here is the play-by-play summary of the full unit 11-on-11 scrimmaging: -- Mansion passed to Vereen for 5 yards-- Vereen rushed for 3 yards-- Mansion fumbled under pressure-- Mansion passed to Jarrett Sparks for 6 yards-- DeBoskie rushed for 21 yards-- False start by Donovan Edwards-- Sweeney goes down for 15 yard loss under pressure from Aaron Tipoti-- Sweeney passed to Spencer Ladner for 7 yards-- Sweeney broken up by Josh Hill-- Geurts rushed for 4 yards-- Sweeney passed to Charles Satchell on go route, broken up by Charles Amadi-- Riley sacked by Kendrick Payne-- Riley passed to Jarrett Sparks for 1 yard-- Riley mis-handles shotgun snap for fumble-- Mansion passed to Boateng, who dropped it-- Sweeney passed to Satchell, miscommunication on route-- Kevin Lewis rushed for 1 yard-- Sweeney scrambles for 7 yards-Sweeney to Levin Lewis for 2 yards--
Langston Jackson rushed for 1 yard-- Mansion to Geurts, slightly overthrow and dropped 8-on-8 run only drill:-- Fumble by Shane Vereen after stopped at line-- 5 yard gain by Covaughn DeBoskie-- 1 yard gain by Shane Vereen-- 15 yard gain by Covaughn DeBoskie-- No gain by Shane Vereen-- 7 yard gain by Peter Geurts-- 30 yard gain by Langston Jackson-- 12 yard gain by Kevin Lewis-- 68 yard TD run by Peter Geurts-- 68 yard TD run by Geurts 7-on-7 play-by-play:-- Riley to Anthony Miller for 17 yards-- Mansion to Brian Holley for 8 yards-- Sweeney to Spencer Ladner for 15 yards-- Riley to Alex Lagemann underneath-- Mansion to Marvin Jones (weak throw but complete)-- Sweeney to Peter Geurts underneath-- Riley to Ross Bostock on hook route-- Mansion to Nyan Boateng for 15-- Riley to Lagemann for 20 (nice diving catch on tight coverage)-- Sweeney to Charles Satchell underneath-- Riley to Marvin Jones for 10-- Mansion to Covaughn DeBoskie out of backfield-- Sweeney to Boateng incomplete (nearly intercepted by Nnabuife)-- Riley to Marvin Jones (overthrown)-- Mansion to Alex Lagemann for 5-- Sweeney to Boateng for 10-- Riley to Ross for 15-- Mansion to Bostock (overthrown resulting in interception by D.J. Campbell)-- Sweeney to Brian Holley out of backfield-- Riley to Jeremy Ross overthrown on deep slant-- Mansion to Marvin Jones for 10-- Sweeney to Nyan Boateng for 10--
Kevin Riley to Jeremy Ross for 5-- Mansion to Nyan Boateng (dropped by Boeteng) 45 second drill from 45 yard line:-- Riley to Anthony Miller for 7 yards-- Riley overthrows Nyan Boateng-- Riley to Nyan Boateng on tight throw for 8-- Riley spikes ball-- Riley to Anthony Miller for 6-- Riley to Miller for 7
(TOUCHDOWN)-- Riley to Jeremy Ross (end zone fade overthrown)-- Trick play (nets 2 yards)-- Mansion to Ross Bostock for 6 yards-- Mansion scrambles out of bounds for 2 yards-- Mansion to Charles Satchell for 39 yard TD pass (bad coverage)-- Mansion intercepted in end zone (intended for Charles Satchell) -- Sweeney to Jarrett Sparks for 9 yards-- Sweeney spike ball-- Sweeney to Jarrett Sparks for 3 yards, fought to get out of bounds-- Sweeney to Jarrett Sparks, dropped-- Riley to Skylar Curran for 8-- Riley to Charles Satchell for 5-- Riley spikes- Giorgio Tavecchio 39 yard FG (GOOD)
Spring Scrimmage live thread!

2nd and 2 ... Langston Jackson runs right up the middle for a first down.First down from midfield ... Sweeney hits Bostock near the left sideline for short 5-yard gain. ~ Chris

Next series had Ryan Wertenberger under center. Drive consisted of two Langston Jackson runs followed by a sack from Kevin Bemoll. ~ Chris

Re: Thursday practice notes
Darian was out on the field Thursday. I think long term his grade issues will be fine. Langston Jackson has been in the mix all spring, just not in that particular set of plays. ~ Chris

Re: Spring Scrimmage live thread
Next play, Geurts does a nice job to pull a low pass from Sweeney for 5 yard gain in the flat.2nd and 5 ... Langston Jackson with a strong run up the middle for a first down. ~ Chris

Re: Spring Scrimmage live thread
First and 10 from the 18 ... botched snap.Second and 12 from the 20 ... Langston Jackson 5 yards over right tackleThird and roughly 8 from the 16 ... Sweeney steps up in the pocket and flips it to Jackson for short reception. Fourth down. ~ Chris

Re: Spring Scrimmage live thread
Mansion now under center.First and 10 from the 5 ... Mansion incomplete inteded for John Tyndall.Second down ... Jackson shows some nice speed getting around the left corner for 20 yard gain. Add a personal foul penalty to the end of the run. ~ Chris